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Misskey Tips & Tricks

A comprehensive list of patches, plugins and various other things to help make your Misskey exper...


Patch: Fix pleroma federation

Misskey Tips & Tricks Patches

This patch will make some to your misskey installation to allow it to better federate with plerom...

Snippet: On-Hover MFM Animations

Misskey Tips & Tricks Custom CSS

This snippet will halt MFM animations, only playing them when you over over a note. Installation ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Misskey Tips & Tricks Tips

This article contains answers to a number of commonly asked questions by misskey newcomers. Since...

Federation Tips

Misskey Tips & Tricks Settings

By default, Misskey has a number of issues affecting its ability to federate with other federated...

Patch: MFM Search engine

Misskey Tips & Tricks Patches

This patch will change the default search engine used with MFM's search bar feature. Installation...

Patch: Fix leaky mutes on timelines

Misskey Tips & Tricks Patches

This patch will apply changes to how timelines handle mutes, preventing leaks. Installation Apply...

Plugin: Catify

Misskey Tips & Tricks Plugins

This plugin provides features to make your Misskey experience even more catty. Installation Go to...

Plugin: Note MFM Toggle

Misskey Tips & Tricks Plugins

A comprehensive plugin that allows you to toggle MFM (Misskey Flavored Markdown) on individual po...

Plugin: Note Preview

Misskey Tips & Tricks Plugins

This is a plugin that lets you immediately view previews from within the post form. Installation ...


Misskey Tips & Tricks

Popular AiScript plugins for Misskey.

Snippet: Hide parent posts

Misskey Tips & Tricks Custom CSS

This snippet will hide parent posts on the timeline. Installation Go to Settings -> Client Settin...

Plugin: DeepL Translation

Misskey Tips & Tricks Plugins

A simple plugin that gives you an automatic translation of a post from any language into any othe...


Misskey Tips & Tricks

Tips for misskey newcomers regarding some of misskey's unique functionalities.


Misskey Tips & Tricks

Setup guides and tips on how to properly tune your Misskey instance.


Misskey Tips & Tricks

Appealing custom themes for Misskey.

Custom CSS

Misskey Tips & Tricks

Snippets of custom styling for Misskey.


Misskey Tips & Tricks

Popular patches to help fix federation issues, among other things.

Finding information

Misskey Tips & Tricks Tips

Finding information about Misskey might not be always easy. This article will list a number of in...