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Patch: MFM Search engine

This patch will change the default search engine used with MFM's search bar feature.


Apply one of the following three patches to your misskey installation. Note that only one can be applied at a time, as they conflict with each other.

Misskey Flavoured Markup (MFM) allows to display a search bar in a post e.g. like this:

misskey [search]

By default, this will open a Google search. There are two places in the source where this URL is stored, although probably changing one would be enough.

The files which have to be changed are src/mfm/to-html.ts and src/client/components/google.vue.

Listed above are the patches for three different privacy-respecting search engines, namely DuckDuckGo, Metager and Qwant.


This patch has been tested on misskey versions 12.84.4 - 12.85.1.


  • 1.0: Initial release

Author: @Johann150