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Patch: Fix pleroma federation

This patch will make some to your misskey installation to allow it to better federate with pleroma instances.


Apply the following git patch to your misskey installation:


Note: This patch has been merged into the main Misskey repository and doesn't have to be applied anymore for misskey versions 12.88.0 and up.

This patch will truncate long user biographies that would otherwise lead to errors during federation. The patch and above setting are mainly to fix federation issues with pleroma, which allows for very long usernames and biographies that do not fit in the respective table columns in misskey.


This patch has been tested on misskey versions 12.84.4 - 12.85.1.
It has been deprecated as of version 12.88.0; this patch was merged into the main Misskey repository. (See #7629 and #7642)


  • 2.0: Stopped truncating usernames as this could lead to incorrect remote usernames and associated vulnerabilities
  • 1.0: Initial release

Authors: @tost, @Johann150