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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article contains answers to a number of commonly asked questions by misskey newcomers. Since these end up being asked frequently, I have compiled them together in a convenient document.

Q: What is federation, what does ActivityPub (AP) mean?

ActivityPub is a protocol that defines how software can communicate with each other. Software like Misskey uses the ActivityPub protocol to allow multiple instances to send messages to each other. The protocol is decentralized, which means that no one Misskey instance acts as a central server; each instance is simply a node in a network of many. The act of multiple instances exchanging messages with each other is what is known as federation. Hence, a network of Misskey instances can be called a federated network.

The ActivityPub protocol is also used by other similar software, such as Pleroma and Mastodon, allowing both to also federate with each other and Misskey instances. Together, all these instances form what is known as the Fediverse.

Q: Are all of Misskey's features federated?

No. Only the sending of Notes and private Chats are currently federated. Other features, such as Channels, Groups, Antennas, Clips, Pages, Favorites, Galleries and Rooms do not federate to other instances, even other Misskey instances. These features were meant to be used locally within each Misskey instance. Group chats also don't federate, as a group can only contain people from the same instance.

Q: What is MFM?

MFM stands for Misskey Flavored Markdown. This is a custom markdown-like syntax that can be used in notes and pages to add various markup effects to your content. A cheat sheet can be found in the Help section of your instance. Alternatively, visit https://{your-instance-domain}/mfm-cheat-sheet.

Note that the various MFM effects can also stack, by nesting their syntax. While this is generally not recommended for performance, some interesting effects can be made by stacking some of the animated features. If you see a note with some fancy effects and wonder "How did they make it?", you can click the three-dots (...) menu under the post and click "Copy Contents" and paste it in a text editor to see what MFM syntax was used.

Q What is AiScript?

AiScript is a custom scripting language that can be used in various places in Misskey. Plugins are written with it. It can also be used in pages and some UI widgets. Documentation for it is currently still a bit limited to these Japanese pages: and

Q: The Misskey UI feels slow and laggy, what can I do about this?

The Misskey UI by default uses various animations which may be too heavy for older or slower computers to run smoothly. These can be disabled in Settings > Client Settings > General:

  • Disable MFM with animation
  • Reduce UI animation
  • Use the system's default font
  • Use OS native Emojis
  • Disable Blur effect for modals

Q: I am getting some errors when opening the Misskey UI!

This is possible if your instance administrator has performed an update to their Misskey installation. This can be fixed by going to Settings and scrolling down to Clear Cache. This will automatically reload the page and in most cases fix your issue. If you are unable to reach the Settings menu, you can also manually clear your browser's cache. Note that cookies do not have to be cleared, only your browser's cache.

If your issue still persists, you should contact your instance's administrator for further assistance.

Q: I just opened Misskey on another computer and my settings are gone!

Some of Misskey's user preferences are stored in a local cookie. These preferences will not be persistent between different browsers and computers. All settings located under "Client Settings" are stored in a cookie, so these will have to be manually redone on every browser and pc you wish to use Misskey on.

Q: Hey, my question is not here! How can I ask for help?

If you still have questions about Misskey, feel free to ask the community! Simply add the hashtag #askmisskey to your note. Additionally, you can also ask your question on the Misskey Forum.