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Finding information

Finding information about Misskey might not be always easy. This article will list a number of information sources you can look through in order to find out more about Misskey's internals, updates and api features, as well as community-related information.


There are a number of bots to be found that will continuously post new information about various things.

Misskey Repo Bot (
The Repo Bot posts information about activity on the Misskey git repository ( that includes information on new commits, progress on issues, new comments as well as new releases, besides other things. Following this bot will be mostly useful for those that help develop Misskey, as well as those running the development branch of Misskey.

Misskey Forum Bot (
The Forum Bot posts activity updates about the Misskey Forum ( It will post notes about any new discussions being added, as well as updates about those discussions when new replies are posted. This bot is most useful for people who help out on the Misskey Forum.